Mourinho might be a spunk trumpet of the highest order, …

Comment on (Video) Ice cold Arsene Wenger puts down Paul Merson during his presser pre Arsenal v Watford by Norman Cunter.

Mourinho might be a spunk trumpet of the highest order, but he’s bang on when it comes to Wenger – the man is a specialist in failure.

A couple of FA Cup wins – a trophy none of the truly big clubs give a toss about – and the tool gets to keep his job. I for one hope the Arse never sack him – the comedy value of the man is limitless.

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Like there’s anything other than cobwebs in the Spuds trophy room…

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Well enjoy it while it lasts, Spud boy, because Kane and Chavvy Alli will be off to Real in the next transfer window. Something about wanting to play for a big club, I believe…

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> Every club’s supporters have a few idiots .

Spuds have more than a few.

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It makes me laugh, the fans of these two pisspot clubs hurling insults and singing their cretinous sectarian songs at each other, in a language no-one (including them) can understand. Fucking morons.

Pic: Eric Dier mocking Dele Alli’s taste in fashion after Tottenham’s 4-0 win over Huddersfield Town
Kane and that scrote Alli will be gone in the next transfer window, as both will want to play for a big club. Enjoy being quite good while it last, Spuds fans!