(Video) BT Sport pundit’s incredible description of Dele Alli’s second goal during Tottenham v Real Madrid

Real Madrid like salami, sliced up on the counter by the Dele man

Defending champions Real Madrid endured a shocking defeat against Spurs at Wembley last night.

Having missed all the European action this season due to suspension, Dele Alli came back to the scene with a bang and stole the spotlight with two goals on the night. The first goal being a tap-in from a Trippier cross whereas the second goal came after the forward went on decent run before his deflected strike went inside the net to make it 2-0 for Spurs.

Besides putting Spurs in a comfortable position against the La Liga giants, the second goal also brought out one of the best moments of football punditry as BT Sport’s James Richardson delivered a cracking pun-filled line to describe the goal.

Needless to say, the audio bite went viral with fans absolutely loving the description. One could hear the glorious satisfaction in James’ voice as the BT Sport man delivered the line, check out the clip below –

Via @loudmouthmelvin

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