(Video) Old boy Andros Townsend taking extreme measures to get himself some Tottenham merchandise yesterday

Last weekend round of fixtures saw former Spurs player Andros Townsend make a rather emotional return in opposition colors to Tottenham Hotspur, the club where he made a niche for himself on the professional scene.

And while Townsend did impress against his former club, one particular instance of the match involving Townsend became the talk of fans on social media.

The incident shows Townsend resorting to all measures of pulling at both the shirt and shorts of Tottenham’s Sissoko in order to keep the latter in check.

With Townsend’s pull on Sissoko looking desperate, fans saw the funnier side of the incident terming the entire episode as an effort by Townsend to get his hands of some Spurs merchandise, an effort in which he was ultimately unsuccessful.

Check out the incident below –


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