(Video) Fans having none of it after Tony Cascarino labels Celtic’s unbeaten run as “nothing” on Talksport

Brendan Rodgers’ record-breaking Celtic side reached yet another milestone as they broke a 100-year Scottish record by going 63 domestic games unbeaten last week.

The 4-0 victory over St. Johnstone last Saturday ensured a passage into the record books as Celtic broke their own previous record tally of 62 games.

But while plaudits poured in for the magnificent achievement, one person who wasn’t particularly impressed was former Celtic flop Tony Cascarino. The former Hoops striker turned pundit gave a savage review of Celtic achievements highlighting Celtic’s European failures and terming their domestic dominance as “nothing”.

Tony’s opinion no doubt evoked a sharp response from the Celtic faithful who were left incensed by a flop signing raising qualms about Celtic’s achievement.

Check out the the Talksport video and the tweets from fans below –

7 Replies to “(Video) Fans having none of it after Tony Cascarino labels Celtic’s unbeaten run as “nothing” on Talksport”

  1. He’s right – it IS nothing! Time was when Celtic played in a league of two, now it’s a league of one. They’re a Conference North side in a league of pub teams.

    If they were more than that, they wouldn’t be getting the shit knocked out of them every game in the CL, would they??

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  2. What an utter walloper,Did nothing at Celtic,Yet has the neck of a Sevconian !…To blab mince.I recall when Oldco and there EBT nonsense were running amok in our game,Was anything like this spoke of,Then.Was it fck.We have played Englands big clubs in the past,And held our own.Cascarino isnt sure if he is Irish or Scottish.That Says it All.Man is an absolute WALLOPERRRRR!!!!!

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