Pic: Man United’s official Twitter reacted brilliantly to the new Twitter format

United’s Twitter account is in 3017 while we are all living in 2017

David de Gea has been the stand out player at Manchester United for quite some time now, producing unbelievable reflex saves week in week out. So it was no surprise when he was the central character of the Red Devil’s recent activity on Twitter.

The popular social media feed had introduced a new 280 word limit on user tweets which has led to a bittersweet reaction from users across the globe.

United’s Twitter handle though, made the most of this opportunity to indicate the convenience of using #DavidSaves for their goalkeeper’s exploits, instead of having to make do with the previous #DaveSaves due to the imposed restrictions on word limit.

The champions of media marketing, it’s no surprise that the Red Devils are leading lights in the world of social media, particularly after witnessing such a brilliant reaction to a trending topic.

Check out the tweet below –

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