(Video) Mikael Lustig berating Italy fans for booing Sweden’s anthem shows why Celtic fans love this madman

Celtic and Swedish defender Mikael Lustig was in the news recently, not only for playing a role in ousting four-time World Cup winners Italy from the qualifiers, but also for his expletive laden emotional outburst at Italian spectators during the second leg of the qualifiers at the San Siro in Milan last night.

Broadcast cameras picked up Lustig’s colourful comments after the Swedish anthem had just concluded, throughout which throngs of hardcore Italian fans were booing constantly.

Rather than facing flak, however, the 30-year old stalwart found supporters and sympathizers internationally.

His numerous exploits with Scottish giants Celtic, particularly his rabona move earlier this year against St. Johsntone, have already garnered him a legion of fans.

But his most recent performance with his mouth, rather than his feet, have endeared him more to his fans for his unflinching attitude and finding the right riposte to bullying.

Check out the incident below and for anyone wondering big Mika yelled “Jävla fittor är’om” which roughly translates to “what f**king c***ts” –

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