(Video) Individual highlights of Joe Gomez pocketing Neymar & co. in a stunning performance by the Liverpool youngster

Another top performance from Joe Gomez during England’s goalless draw against Brazil last night at Wembley. The Liverpool man has been very impressive for England in the last 2 games against two of the best teams in international football.

One just can’t help but get excited for his future, especially if you consider his age and the calibre of player he was up against. Liverpool fans would be hoping that he goes on to become a starting center-back for them in the future.

A composed performance from Joe Gomez, who didn’t look phased by the pressure at all; something which bodes really well for the future and gives Reds boss Jurgen Klopp plenty to think about.


Check out how the Liverpool man pocketed Neymar & co. last night –

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