Well that’s enough to put me off eating at Nandos, …

Comment on Pic: Everton star Wayne Rooney spotted waiting like a commoner for his food at Nando’s by Norman Cunter.

Well that’s enough to put me off eating at Nandos, as if the shitty food wasn’t reason enough.

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(Video) Unbelievable scenes during a flight to Kiev as Liverpool fans travel in numbers for the CL final
Scouse vermin. Let’s not forget it was these murdering scum that got English clubs banned from Europe for years.


Suck it up bin dipper trash. Without Salah you’ll be lucky to trouble the top half next season.

(Video) Leeds fans absolutely loved this bit from 16-year-old Ryan Edmondson during QPR win
“failing to secure promotion”

You make it sounds as if that were ever the remotest of possibilities.

Leeds, Leeds are falling apart… again.

(Image) Special edition trainers from New Balance every Liverpool fan should own
Same way every other Liverpool fan – nick them.

(Photo) If this leaked version is true, Man Utd fans are getting an absolute class third kit for next season
Elegance? LOL. Looks like something I’d dry the pots with.

Rags for the Rags.

(Image) Pure artistry as photographer takes stunning snaps of the new Tottenham stadium
What difference will a new ground make? You’ll still be mid-table makeweights, dreaming of winning the UEFA Cup or whatever the make do’s trophy is called these days.