Pic: Hollywood actor Will Ferrell predicts Newcastle to tear apart Man United on the weekend

Predicting football match results is a fervent pursuit for some, a monetary endeavour for others, and just plain old fun for many. Some, however, take this enterprise into the realms of hyperbole, such as Hollywood star and effervescent comedian Will Ferrell in this week’s Premier League predictions.

A known Chelsea fan, Ferrell has made his predictions known for this week’s upcoming Premier League matches for BBC Sport, alongside expert Mark Lawrenson.

His 5-5 prediction for Burnley vs. Swansea might seem a tad far-fetched to many, especially considering the kind of football both the teams play. While predicting a Leicester win over high flying Manchester City would surely set tongues wagging if the result ever comes to fruition.

But a prediction that would set many a Magpie fan heart aflutter would be his bombastic 10-0 for Newcastle over perennial favourites Manchester United.

The Newcastle supporters would be nothing short of euphoric if they manage to win against the Red Devils by any margin, but a 10-0 scoreline would unquestionably establish bragging rights for eons to come.

Check out all the predictions from Will Ferrell below –


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