Pic: Liverpool fan goes to town on Mo Salah’s Wikipedia page with an absolutely ridiculous edit

New summer signing Mohamed Salah’s Wikipedia page was subjected to a facelift recently by an over-enthusiastic Liverpool fan.

The edits included “King Mohamed Salah” as the page title, exaggerated titles such as “The King of Liverpool” and “The Last surviving Pharaoh of Egypt” to Salah’s introduction, and to top that, the fan even substituted the official Wikipedia picture with a photoshopped image of Salah wearing a traditional crown, akin to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Liverpool fans worldwide would argue that the edits are justified considering the fine form that the 25-year-old forward is in.

He is currently the leading scorer of the Premier League with nine goals in twelve matches. His fourteen goals for the Anfield side in eighteen games across competitions is also the highest by any Liverpool player at the current stage of the season.

Check out the fantastic edit below –

Via @SalahFanPage

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