Pic: This Liverpool fan’s rundown of the events that occurred last night is truly heartbreaking

Tuesday’s Champions League encounter between Sevilla and Liverpool certainly proved to be a dramatic affair both on and off the pitch. Apart from the flurry of goals on the pitch, the night was also marked with reports of police violence targeting the travelling Liverpool fans.

While both Liverpool and UEFA have launched investigations into the reported incidents, one Liverpool fan, allegedly part of the Liverpool contingent at the scene of the incidents recently posted his narration of the entire ordeal.

Slamming the Spanish police as well as the Liverpool officials posted at the stadium, the fan lamented the show of indifference from the Liverpool officials towards the fans in the midst of all the violence.

Clearly disillusioned by the scenes that unfolded on the night, he went on to bemoan how fans don’t matter to the club anymore.

Check out the tweet below –

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