(Video) The sheer pain & anger in Mo Salah’s face after Sevilla scored their 3rd goal against Liverpool on Tuesday

Liverpool’s defensive frailties once again reared its ugly head as Jurgen Klopp’s men yet again failed to preserve a substantial lead conceding three times to Sevilla in the second half.

Mohamed Salah, who was instrumental in Liverpool’s first-half goal fest was taken off for Ox towards the end of the match.

And the winger who had already witnessed his side concede two before he left the pitch further had to helplessly watch the agony of Sevilla scoring the equalizing goal from the bench.

Footage captured the Egyptian mirroring the expression of every Kop fan as Sevilla’s third left Salah cringing and swearing along with Daniel Sturridge in the subs bench.

Check out the scenes in the Liverpool bench below –

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