(Video) Quite heartbreaking how Graeme Murty was nearly in tears during his interview post Rangers v Dundee

Following their second defeat in the space of six days, Rangers are falling well short of mounting any sort of challenge against their historical rivals and reigning Scottish champions Celtic, who sit 9 points clear on top of the table.

Following their return to the Scottish top flight this season, many fans expected Rangers to be serious challengers but the Ibrox club have been disappointing so far.

With the clubs decision to part ways with with Pedro Caixinha not seeing any improvement in their fortunes, caretaker manager Graeme Murty has come under fire in recent weeks.

Murty seemed very disturbed during the post match interview following the frustrating defeat to Dundee yesterday and said the club do not have any excuses to justify their poor form.

Barely able to contain his disappointment the former defender seemed on the brink of tears while answering the interviewers questions.

Rangers fans looked distraught after seeing their interim managers reaction on Twitter and will be hoping their players respond to their manager’s cries when they play second placed Aberdeen next Sunday.

Check out the interview below –

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  1. No matter whose Managing that Rancid Clumpany,Its nigh on time Karma is served to them,Cold.Let them bloody suffer for all the wrongs that creditors have felt in losing there lively hoods through the Criminals that are still at Sevco.Get It Right Up the Lot of Them.Wasnt that when they tried to kill Our Wonderful Club and the Hun Media sent a hearse to Parkhead…Long May They Suffer.Enoughs Never,Enough..HfH

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  2. Aaw Diddums,Thats a Wee Shame,Murty is heart broken.So tell us,Were the fck are All these So Called Real RainJurz men.Ye know all thes Real RainJurz men that sat back and watched as That Real RainJurz Club was Liquidated and Died in 2012.Then Him fae Yorkshire with the Big Ands bought what assets were left of the Dead Club and Formed Sevco Scotland 5088.Who faced Brechin under said name,Anyhoooo the Reality is staring you lot in the face.Thinking Your Real RainJurz when in Reality you,s are nothing more than a Tribute Act to a Deid Club.And without financial cheating,EBT etc.A mediocre club.At Best.RainJurz Then Sevco Now Scotlands Shame Forever…..Aye Memories of YesterYear when the old club was cheating every single team they played,Tainted Titles Tainted Successes Lording it up Over Scottish Football.And the 1912 Pledge to Old RainJurz.Get use to getting pumped from Dundee Hamilton Motherwell and Aberdeen are going to literally anialate Sevco,Roll On Roll On…Simply Depressed,More Depressed Than All The Rest…Real Sevcolona will be lucky to finish in the Bottom half of the Premier.Compete With Celtic???hahahahahahahahahahaha……

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  3. I would like to take this opportunity to wish the NEW RainJurz every success…Without EBT and Any other form of Financial Doping,The new Club will just go through the motions of getting humped from the Might Accies Dundee Motherwell and the Next two games against Aberdeen Are infact Going to be Comedy Gold..Old RainJurz are turning in there grave at this Embarrassment,Even though Oldco Humiliated each and every one of its own Gullibillies.Our support was and is Way Toooo Thick to realise they were All taken for Mugs.I mean ffs they even think this Real Sevcolona are the Real Rangers lololol.Yes Thicker than Thick,INDEID!!!!!

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