(Video) Liverpool fan Darren Farley taking the utter piss out of Everton’s ongoing managerial crisis

Football fans, particularly those in the UK, will definitely have heard of “UK’s No 1 Football Impressionist,” Darren Farley.

Endearingly known as “The Voice of Football” by loyalists for his accurate impressions of numerous football personalities and celebrities, Farley was at it again on social media, this time as a parody of former Liverpool stalwart Jamie Carragher explaining Everton’s current crisis.

Having lost five of the last seven games, including a 4-1 defeat to Southampton on Sunday, the Toffees are searching high and low for a new manager who can save them from their predicament.

One of the top contenders is Sam Allardyce, who had earlier saved Crystal Palace from relegation last season. Farley, using Carragher as his muse, explained how ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce is the best candidate for the job as he “gets” what the team is about, which, he points out, was something the previous Everton managers failed to do.

Absolute pisstaking from the Liverpool  fan, check out the video below –

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