(Video) Paul Pogba doing Richarlison dirty during Man Utd’s 4-2 win v Watford last night

Manchester United inched closer to the top of the table after securing a convincing 4-2 win at Watford last night.

In a high scoring match where goals flew left and right, one of the major highlights was a brilliant bit of skill put on display by Manchester United’s star midfielder Paul Pogba.

During the last few seconds of the first half, Pogba was deep in his own half, defending near the corner flag against Watford new signing Richarlison.

With the 20-year-old Brazilian winger breathing down his neck, Pogba effected a stunning nutmeg to get the ball away from him.

The move would have definitely left Richarlison a tad embarrassed, but the United fans were clearly ecstatic, as evidenced by their reactions on social media.

Check out the move from Pogba below –

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