(Video) Mad commentary from ESPN Mexico after Carlos Pena’s goal for Rangers v Aberdeen

Rangers rounded off a dominant performance at the Ibrox Stadium last night after wing-back James Tavernier scored a brace either side of a Carlos Pena strike.

Aberdeen finished the game with ten men as midfielder Ryan Christie was sent off for a second bookable offence in the 84th minute. This loss meant the Dons have picked just 4 points in their last 4 league games.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the spectrum, Rangers midfielder Carlos Pena returned to goal scoring form as he notched up his 4th goal of the campaign. This, after playing a part in only 8 league games.

Pena scored for the first time since mid-October, calmly slotting in a pin-point Jason Holt cross and sent the Ibrox into raptures. The best reaction however was by ESPN Mexico’s commentary team as they couldn’t contain their delight seeing the Mexican international score.

Check out the Commentary below:

16 Replies to “(Video) Mad commentary from ESPN Mexico after Carlos Pena’s goal for Rangers v Aberdeen”

  1. Carlo Peenas,lol.Calm doon ffs,Its only a Goal.The Hunbelievables Acting like he is Lionel Messi on Steroids(Not).The Thing looks like a Neanthreal…Fcking Caveman.That Minging Jersey Suits Him…Real Sevcolona,AGM and the Deludeid asking the Lying King what school he went too,When he lived in Castlemilk.lololol….Its 2017 And this Manky Loathesome Re Incarnation of a Once known Club is Comedy Gold…Were do these Clowns Get there Football Philosophy(Church)…Celtic are Going from Strength to Strength on the Donestic Front.Onwards n Upwards.Meanwhile over at the Dome of Crumble,Its Moonbeams and More Moonbeams…

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  2. Carlos (the Penis)Pena=lty…Real Sevcolona paid £2-5 million for that,Scores Against Aberdeen and the Deludeid are all shouting,The Penas is a World Beater..HeeHaw,Fcking Donkey is Exactly What He is…Glasgow Is And Always Will Be GREEN n WHITE!!!!!HfH GIRUY

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    1. Big Jock Knew,Exactly How Backwords and Delusional Ra Peepul Really Are,Or Were……Different Shite,Same Flies….Neely Dunn etc and Kincora.You stupid stupid Hun.Using child abuse to try n get one upmanship just shows your Mentality.Ya Zombified Piece of Excrimated Bile……..RainJurz Then Sevco Now,In the Mighty Glasgow Celtics Shadow Forever.Now behave yersel n away n support this bran spanking Noo Club of Yours,Like the rest of the Gullibillies.Tell me,See they 5 Stars oan that manky jersey,Do they represent Five Full Years Without a Premier Title or Five Full Years of Sevcolona being in Existance.Just Asking,All this Different Club Same Club Different Clumpany is and always Will be what keeps you Cliwns,STUPIFIED!!!!!!!!would ye like a cherry on top of that or just Plain Get It Rite Up YEEZ!!!HH We Are The Mighty Glasgow Celtic….Living In Our Shadow since your Very Existance..FACT!!!!!!

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    2. Most successful what n were..ffs you muppet.You,s have won a couple of divisions and the Petrified Cup,Ya Zoomer.Confusing yersel with Oldco.Sevco are Sevco.Oldco are turning in there Grave at This Tribute Act trying to muster 3 Games In A Row lololololololhahahahahahaha..HooPy Days,Indeid.A team of part timers sent you lot packing out of the Europa.We are getting 10 or More In A Row.Ye know,Breaking our own League Records the Honest Way.Unlike Yer Old Cheating Club that Past Away as you Peepul Watched.And You lot are that Deludeid,You think The Lying King is A Sevconian Saviour.He was one of the reasons Oldco Died….Dirty Dirty Cheats.What an embarrassment,Laying Claim to a Cheating Clubs Successes After it Died and Even Stating You,s Are The Same Club…Scotlands Shame,Right Enough…Lets All Laugh At Sevco…Seeing the look on you lots faces,When We Hammer You’s at the Crumble Dome.PRICELESS!!!!HH TAL

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  3. I find it all to coincedental how Hamilton and Dundee and Motherwell can Blooter Sevco but Aberdeen come undone at the Dome,And low n Behold McInnes is Aberdeen manager.Coincedance,I think not…No doubt Pledging his Allegiance for the Hun Job.I wouldnt put Nothing past the Most Corrupt Club in Scottish Football,Sevco 5088.I mean ffs The Glib n Shameless at the Helm.Look at past endeavours.EBT etc.Things like that would never happen over there now,Would They???Dirty Cheating Parasites…

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      1. Go fck myself,I”d rather Witness My Club Humiliate Your Diddy Team and Watch You,s Squirm in Pain and Misery….Karma is Heading Over Ibroke and its Lovely watching You Lot Get all excited about players like McKay goin for tuppence,And your Clueless board shouting he was worth Mullyinz…lololololol.Now please refrain from sweary words.Its doesnt reflect well on your brand new Club.Ye should be setting an example for the rest of the Deludeid!…..140 Years of Secterian Bigotted History Wiped Away in 8 Minutes…Sevco The Only Club In The History of Football to Be Liquidated and Carry On as if fck All Happened…Yours Pledger…Oldco Died chasing Celtics Successes.But we are Obsessed.Righty O,Goodluck with that One….

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  4. All these Deludeid Arsewipes shouting about paedophilia child abuse,Neely Dunn Kincora Ring Any Bells.Big Jock Knew exactly how Putrid You lot are and forever Shall Be.Only Reason any Bhoys or Ghirls come onto These Delusional Sites is to Keep it Real.And Not Ever Let You Scum Know and Never Forget,Oldco are Long Gone,They Liquidated in 202 And Charles Greene ye know him with the Big Yorkshire Ands,Paid 5-5 Million for the Deid Clubs assets.Remember 140 Years of Bigotted Secterian History Wiped Away….Now Know Your Place,Scum.All we hear is We need to stop Celtic getting 10 In A Row bla bla bla…..No there fur yeez.No EBT funding,No fcking luck.Cheating Your Way to successes.Killed yer own Club just to equal our 9 In A Row.And you Clowns state,We are Obsessed.Away and Give Yer Arses A Rest,Muppets.

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