(Video) Rangers new boy Fabio Cardoso with an epic celebration after heading the ball away yesterday

It was a pretty eventful day at Pittodrie yesterday as Rangers won with ten men against Aberdeen. Apart from possibly being Graeme Murty’s final game in charge, the result also had implications on the league table as Rangers climbed into the second spot behind rivals Celtic.

While there were plenty of chivalry and passion on display from the Rangers players throughout the game, one particular incident has really caught the attention of fans online.

Defending a corner, new signing Fabio Cordoso showed grit to head the ball away from danger ahead of an approaching attacker. But it was not the brilliant clearance that delighted Rangers fans as the cameras caught the Portuguese defender visibly pumped up about his own clearance.

Cardoso reacting like he’s just won the Champions League, check out the moment below –

5 thoughts on “(Video) Rangers new boy Fabio Cardoso with an epic celebration after heading the ball away yesterday”

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