Pic: A breakdown of the full-on war between Man Utd & City squad inside the Old Trafford tunnel

The Manchester derby on the weekend lived up to its billing of being a high octane clash at the top of the table.

City, the runaway leaders of this season went to their biggest rivals home and walked away with a dominant win to open the widening chasm at the top to 11 points.

City players were jubilant after the game and their celebrations didn’t go down to well with United manager Jose Mourinho, who walked into the away dressing room to ask them to pipe down the wild celebrations.

What ensued was a distasteful fracas of the highest order as over 20 members from both sides, players and staff included got into a brawl, throwing punches and wielding water bottles as the adrenaline spilled over.

Referee Michael Oliver wasn’t on the scene and neither were any television cameras, which meant reports of the incident were purely based on eyewitness accounts.

While stewards ultimately dispersed the feuding men, there was some collateral damage as City coach Mikel Arteta was left with a bloody face and players with tainted reputations.

Check out a break up of the events that unfolded in the Old Trafford tunnel –

Right click the image and open it on a new tab for a larger image.

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