(Video) These Canadian fans getting a hug from Mauricio Pochettino will warm the cockles of your heart

Mauricio Pochettino is respected throughout the footballing world, more so by the Tottenham Fans who absolutely adore him for what he has done for the club so far.

Not just the quality of football Spurs play under him, the fans also love the Argentine for dishing out warm hugs to players after a match.

So, when Melvyn Xuereb, a Spurs fan from Canada, requested a hug from Pochettino on the One Hotspur Fans’ Forum event, the boss did not hesitate for a single minute and was on his feet to embrace the fan.

Xuereb, who loves the way Poch hugs the Spurs players after a big win, expressed his joy to Spurs TV after the event.

This was certainly a heart-warming moment for everyone in attendance as Pochettino showed he’s a gentleman off the pitch as well and proved why he is loved around the world.

Check out the video below –

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