(Video) Amazing atmosphere at Easter Road after Rangers win v Hibernian

Rangers pulled off their 4th win on the bounce as they came back from a goal down to beat Hibernian on Wednesday.

The Gers have been on a roll since they last lost in the league to Dundee United in November and have picked up two crucial away wins at their closest rivals Aberdeen and Hibernian ever since.

The gutsy performances on the pitch has got the fans excited for the future and were seen bouncing at the Easter Road Stadium on Wednesday.

The traveling support creatied an electric atmosphere with their raucous cheering and vociferous singing as they remained after full-time to applaud the team.

If a few thousand fans could create such a rousing atmosphere, one can only imagine the scenes at a packed Ibrox on the weekend when Rangers take on St. Johnstone.

Check out the video below –

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  1. Kevin Clancy had an absolutely beautiful game,Against Hibernian.Real Sevcolona should go Out of There Way to get him on a permanent Deal,If they Havent Already.The Officials who officiated the game made it blatantly obvious Hibs were Getting Nothing Out of the Game.Hibernians Penalty shout was an absolutely Disgraceful Honest Mistake by the Sevco Referee.Sevco on there way back to the Top.lolololololol hahahahaha ffs Please Stop This Hilarity,This Club are Existing in a Delusional Bubble.When they come to Paradise,That Bubbles Popping.TAL HWG10IAR HH…GoinFor55DaysWithoutaManager

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  2. Sevco are Nothing more than Mediocre.Now that the Blatant Cheating with EBT etc is a thing of the past,All Sevco have to cling too is,Same Club BS.Rangers are Deid.This Mob are an Utter Joke.FGS The ref won them the game against Hibs.Hibernian were and Are a Better Bigger Club than the DelooDeid…..HH

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  3. On there Way back to the Top.?????Top of the Lavvy Pan,Shit does float to the Top,Right Enough.lololol…Just awaiting the child abuse claims from the Vilest fan base from the Darkside…..Before i go,Neely Dunn Gough Kincora Boys Home……Sad sad sad The PeePul

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