(Video) Celtic legend Chris Sutton’s brutal reply when asked if Rangers could be top by new year

Sutton trolls Rangers during live telecast

Celtic legend Chris Sutton was in attendance for the matchday programme which saw Rangers lose at home to St. Johnstone, slipping to third in the points table in the Scottish Premier League.

When asked by a fan about the possibility of Rangers reaching the summit of SPL at new year, Sutton laughed off the notion remarking about the fairy tale world the Rangers man had been living in. The Gers face a near impossible task if they are to knock Celtic off their perch, trailing them by 5 points.

The now retired forward clearly doesn’t fancy a change of scenery at the top but what brutal way to give the rival fans a reality check. Check out the video below –

5 Replies to “(Video) Celtic legend Chris Sutton’s brutal reply when asked if Rangers could be top by new year”

  1. Every single last Celtic Hater should face Reality.Will Sevco Hearts Killie ever go on a Run like the Bhoys did?I very much Doubt it.We let our football do the talking.It is really really hard living in Celtics shadow.I mean,We Did do 9 In A Row Won the European Cup etc.And in all that time Oldco RainJurz blatantly broke the rules by EBT’s and every other illegal means to achieve Succeses on the pitch.The Hunz Sad pathetic existance centres around Anything and Everything Celtic.Killed there Rancid Club attempting to Do better than Celtic And the Reality is,They stood Idly By and watched Oldco Die.Facts are Facts.Always look on the bright side of Life……..

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  2. Never ceases to amaze me that “fans” of this diabolical institutions who facilitated widespread paedophilia have the cheek nay downright temerity to cast aspersions on others!How you can even walk into that breeze blocked monstrosity without shame is an outrage. WATP

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    1. LoL Davie Davis,The Zombie Apocolypse that has a penchant for Child Abuse…While you mention child abuse,You conveniently fail to mention Neely Dunn Gough Just a few known kiddie fiddlers from your Ahem Oranje Persuasion and while we are on says Topic,What About Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland.So before you open Your arse to talk.Look at Your Own Brethren,Swallow Swallow Battle of the Groin.You Sad pathetic excuse for a Dog…..Your Club is Satanic to its Very Core.Arsewipe!!!!!

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    2. What kind of idiot uses child abuse to point score on matters of football.Seriously Davie Davis is that the only thing that keeps you Cretins going,The stench of desperation at the Crumble Dome is nuaseating at best.Your So called Club died and The whole World witnessed it,Yet the Hun mentality refuses to accept Facts.Paedophilia is a terrible terrible thing,Yet you seem to take delight in bringing this topic up.Look at your Own Club,Before You start talking Keek…God Bless You,Son.It must be awkward being a Delusional Bigot…

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    3. Neely Dunn and Gough,Just a few of a long list of Real RainJurz Men that like them Young.And the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland.Davie Davis go look them up.Doesnt make for nice reading but then again A few of your Own Brethren.HH GIRUTLOYDSOB

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