(Video) Rangers defender Fabio Cardoso caught on cam saying “mon the Celtic”

Rangers centre-back Fabio Cardoso has found himself in the middle of a controversy after a video emerged on Twitter with the new signing caught on camera saying “mon the Celtic”.

Cardoso later responded to the video by claiming that it was fake. It’s certainly plausible given that doctored videos have become common.

People would have even believed Cardoso had he not deleted the tweet some time later.

It certainly does raise suspicion and Cardoso may need to brace himself for some awkward moments, both with the team and fans, when he returns from injury.

Check out the video below –

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  1. Shock Horror,Every single Sevconian Delusional Reprebate is up in Arms about one of there Catholic players saying Mon The Celtic lololol.To be honest im surprised he hasnt had any mail bombs or bullets in the post(Yet).Thats what people are up against with this Rancid Club.They are known for threatening officials of other Clubs,Look when the Real RainJurz liquidated and Died..Turnbull Hutton exposed the Vile Bile of corruption that came from Them.And the SFA.The game in Scotland is Corrupt to its Core.Fabio Cardoso Huns dont and Wont accept one of there players saying That….GIRUT

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