(Image) How Man United’s pink away kit for next season might look like

Manchester United have had a variety of alternate kits over the last few decades, but have usually persisted with either a pearl white or charcoal black away stripe.

Last month, news surfaced online that the Red Devils would have a Pink Livery for the away kit next season. At the time, it did come as a shock for fans and seemed a tad bit too outrageous.

However, SL Design have come up with a concept kit based on the leaked information and it really doesn’t look all that bad.

The concept is a shocking pink coloured jersey which if left alone would indeed look a bit gaudy. However, the slightly darker pink diagonal lines running across it, the black monochromatic badge and logo and the subtle black collar lining make for some great contrast adding a touch of class to an otherwise unorthodox colour scheme.

In fact, when put together, the concept looks quite bold and sexy. Will the Kit eventually turn out this way though ? Only time will tell.

Via Footyheadlines, check out the concept kit below –

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