(Image) This brilliant picture from last night just sums up Mohamed Salah’s season so far

Liverpool new signing Mohamed Salah is fast becoming a goalkeeper’s worst nightmare. Give him the ball near the net with just a little bit of space and he will get you a goal.

The net is his territory. When he is around the net with the ball at his feet, one would be hard pressed to find a goalkeeper who could stop him from scoring.

A picture that surfaced online after Reds’ thrashing of Bournemouth yesterday perfectly captures the essence of season the Egyptian is having so far.

The keeper is nowhere to be seen and Mo reigns alone. What is supposed to be the opposition’s den, has become Salah’s instead.

He has truly become a perfect predator in every sense, eliminating all prey that dares to stand in his way.

Check out the brilliant image which sums the season Salah is having with Liverpool so far –

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