Pic: Leigh Griffiths responds to the vile tweet he received after Hearts defeat

The rise of social media completely revolutionized mankind’s quest of free speech, but it has also contributed to the menace of online trolling that seems rampant these days.

The latest victim of this problem was forward Leigh Griffiths, who was attacked with a filthy message by Twitter user @DavotelliKAT following Celtic’s 4-0 loss to Hearts on Sunday.

When the player expressed disgust towards the troll for stooping so low, even several Rangers supporters stood firmly in support of the Celtic striker.

The police are reportedly probing this Twitter user, as it appears that just before his rant against Griffiths, he had also lashed out that the match referee Willie Collum, saying: “I will personally torch your son alive.”

Check out Leigh Griffiths’ reaction to the sickening tweet below –

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