(Image) It’s BBC v s Sky as Moussa Dembele’s Celtic future hangs in balance

Uncertainty looms as Moussa Dembele’s future at Celtic seem to be growing murkier with every passing day.

If the already prevailing uncertainty wasn’t enough, Sky Sports broke out news yesterday claiming that the player’s transfer to Brighton has already been settled for an £18 million fee.

Before other media outlets could jump the bandwagon, BBC came to the fore just hours later, claiming exactly the opposite and stated that the said reports were “nonsense”.

Even before Celtic or Brighton could issue any official communication confirming or denying these stories, senior journalists of both, Sky and BBC had already sent out tweets taking contradictory positions and leaving fans divided.

Check out Sky’s Kaveh Solhekol tweeting about Dembele’s departure, and then BBC’s Chris McLaughlin rubbishing that story below –

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  1. If and When there is any kind of News from my Club,I would Never Ever believe Anything these Media Outlets Spout.These the same arsewipes that emblazoned the papers with RainJurz 140 Years History bla bla bla,Since then Now they pump out utter s…e About Same Club Nonsense.Moussa is a Celtic Player till Celtic Say,Different…END OF

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