(Video) Davinson Sanchez causally flicking the ball over a Burnley player to get out of pressure

Harry Kane is on the verge of eclipsing Alan Shearer’s 25 year record of 37 top flight goals in a single year after his trifecta of goals against the Burnley on Saturday.

With the Englishman dominating the highlight reels with his finishing, perhaps many fans missed out on a brilliant piece of skill pulled off by one of his teammates.

Davinson Sanchez has been brilliant for Spurs so far after his £40 million from Ajax in the summer and got fans out of their seats with a magical touch in front of his own box.

The 21-year-old defender quickly turned defense into attack with a brilliant flick over a Burnley player who helplessly watched on as the centre-back causally strolled past him to ignite a counter attack.

Fans were impressed by the Colombian’s brilliant touch and clips of the filthy move has been doing rounds on social media. Check it out below –

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