(Video) Alfredo Morelos embarrassed Scott Brown with a lovely nutmeg yesterday

Although the latest edition of the Old Firm derby ended up as a stalemate, the encounter certainly could’t be termed as drab with both sides giving it their all to get one over their arch rivals.

Both sets of fans were left disappointed, but fans of the Ibrox club seemed to be the livelier of the two, at least on social media.

Rangers fans were chirpy all over Twitter following the point at their rivals home and were especially buzzing about a brilliant piece of skill pulled off by Alfredo Morelos.

The Colombian seemed to have been pinned down at the edge of the box by Hoops captain Scott Brown but managed to find space between the Scot’s legs to be on his way.

The traveling fans were heard roaring their approval within the stadium and clips of the nutmeg has also been doing the rounds for some time now following the game.

Check it out below –

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  1. Celtic didnt play there Usual High Standard game against,The newest Club in the Premier.What actually happened was with Celtic having a stinker,It made the most Corrupt Club in Scottish Football History look half decent.Now that They walked away with the Biggest Draw in there 5 Year History,They celebrated as if it was Actually Oldco RainJurz that came out of Liquidation.And they were Really The Real RainJurz lololol.Rumour has it they had an open top bus parading around Govania After that Dramatic Win (Draw).Celtic meanwhile remain Undefeated Against this New Corrupt Club.Thank God there is no law against delusions or fantasies,God Bless Them,Not wanting to accept Liquidation and Just Carrying On as if Nothing Happened back in 2012.Burying there Heads in the Sand.And putting there hands over there ears,Doesnt change the Facts….Everytime this Rancid Club Get a Win or Even a Draw,All we hear is,Lookout Sellik we Ur Back….HWG10IAR!!!!GLASGOW IS FOREVER GREEN and WHITE!!!

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    1. Oh My,JungleTim They Do Not Like The Truth.When faced with Truth and Facts of there Blatant Cheating Lying And Liquidation,They resort to Child Abuse and Anything that enters there Sick Minds.Sad Really,How They Just made banners back in 2012 Stating we wont stand idly by and let our club die,Thats Exactly What They Did Do.Literally Word for Word.Yer Clubs Deid,They Support a Tribute Act.Never Ever Let Them Forget That,Fact.HH

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