(Video) Virgil van Dijk touching the ‘This Is Anfield’ sign in the tunnel pre Liverpool v Leicester kick-off

Wednesday evening presented a fabulous Christmas gift to Liverpool fans in the form of a club statement announcing the successful transfer of Virgil van Dijk.

After months of anticipation, the Reds finally managed to bag the Dutchman for a massive £75 million, effectively making him the costliest defender in football history.

Although Van Dijk’s current contract with Southampton prevented him from playing in a Liverpool kit during Saturday’s game against Leicester City, cheerful fans got to catch a glimpse of him watching the encounter from the main stand.

And with so much hype surrounding him ever since his deal was announced, the player did something else before the game that will be etched in the memory of Reds faithful for a long time to come.

VVD was seen touching the iconic “This Is Anfield” signboard in the stadium’s tunnels just before the match kicked off.

Check out the moment below –

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