(Video) Graeme Murty risks the wrath of Rangers fans after calling Celtic Park’s atmosphere “second to none”

Two of Scotland’s most successful clubs locked horns again to produce a well contested but ultimately goalless derby at Celtic Park on Saturday.

The latest edition of the Old Firm derby also marked Graeme Murty’s first game in-charge at Celtic Park after being given the Rangers job on a permanent basis till the summer. But while the manager passed the test on the field, he probably regrets some of the comments he made off of it.

The former Southampton defender has previously been applauded by fans for his passionate responses in interviews but risked the wrath of Rangers fans after the comments he made during an interview recently.

The Scot made some highly controversial comments during the interview like describing the atmosphere at Celtic Park as “second to none” and also called the Hoops stronghold a “fantastic stadium”.

While Celtic fans seemed to enjoy the comments, the interview has outraged large sections of Rangers fans who expressed their discontent all over social media.

Check out the bit from the interview below –

12 Replies to “(Video) Graeme Murty risks the wrath of Rangers fans after calling Celtic Park’s atmosphere “second to none””

  1. Rangers international are not a successful club , they have won NO major honours. The writer, like others, seems to be confusing them with the liquidated Rangers Football Club. The club that died and was subsequently replaced by the newly formed Rangers Interbaional . I happy to clear that up for you

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  2. Fck Off with this Utter Old Firm Bullshit.Old Firm doesnt Exist,It only exists in Sevconian Minds because without Oldco who are Dead,Sevco have Nothing,So they cling to the Belief Same Club Old Firm Nonsense.Sevco have nothing on Celtic.So get it right up you….Anything Other than Facts are a Downright Lie….Rangers 1872 No Longer Exist.Sevco are Charles Greenes Bstard Club a Tribute Act…Anything Else is a fcking Lie.Same Club,Lie.GoinFor55 Lie….They Should Be Stripped of Titles.Any Tim who agrees this lot are Real Rangers Are Not True Celtic Fans at heart….They Cheated Everyone….And Carry On Like Nothing Happened….Sevco are Sevco,They are not Oldco…Its Humanly Impossible for Sevco to be a Liquidated Dead Club FACT!!!!!!GFYDLSSB

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  3. OLD FIRM LoLoLoL,That slogan went Tits Up along with Rangers 1872 Back in 2012.The Old Firm No Longer Exists.Sevco arent Celtics Bitter Rivals.Partick Thistle are Celtics Oldest Glasgow Rivals.A liquidated Club cannot just decide to Carry On like Liquidation didnt happen.Rangers Perished in 2012 And Fine Well They know it,Just because The Media etc pump out this nonsense.Doesnt make it So.140 Years of History is Gone when they Liquidated.Look at Papers from 2012.Nuff Said…..

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    1. Standard response from the zombies. You will never, ever be allowed to forget your old club cheated, kicked the bucket and you sad sacks didn’t lift a finger to save it. Not long to go now for the tribute act.

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      1. So UEFA and ALL the governing bodies are less of an authority on this than a bunch of obsessed fans of a rival club? Interesting you are SO interested in our history and not yours. Boys club ring a bell?

        There was no cheating, all the governing bodies have agreed. You guys need to grow up and move on. The entire world knows you’re obsessed and are laughing at your ridiculous claims!

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        1. Keep telling yourself that . UEFA and FIFA have stated that Sevco are a new club. What were EBT usage if not cheating? Since when did the ASA become a governing body (lol!) ?
          Richard Gough ???

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        2. How on Earth You can make these Ridiculous Claims is proof,How deep the Delusion has Manifested in the Hearts and Minds of every Single One of the Sevco Support.So tell me,All the stuff that was in the Papers in 2012.Gough Naismith Walter Smith 140 Years history Gone.You”ll be saying that was all a misunderstanding Next lolololol…We know how Painful it is and Was for You Lot,Please Believe Me.When i say ;)..It couldnt Happen to a More Bigotted Gross Disgusting Club.That uses child abuse amongst other sick claims to point score…….The Most Corrupt Club in Scottish Football History.This is All Fact…If you dont believe me,Its out there if you want Enlightenment,Doubtful Though…

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  4. All they have is a continuation fallacy to hang on to, the old rangers died, sevco emerged, the followers of whom, are fed a paltry diet of survival, false promises and future dreams. They don’t even have the brain power to see through the curtains of lies and deceit. Desperately clinging to the belief that they will get better, sorry orcs, but corpses don’t recover, sadly in your case, the condition is terminal.

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