(Video) Young Ross McCrorie taking no prisoners during this run-in against Scott Brown

The latest instalment of the Glasgow derby held last weekend did not turn out to be quite the explosive affair it is usually famous for.

Despite a few close chances for either side, nothing could separate Celtic and Rangers from sharing the spoils and settle for a goalless draw in the end.

Notwithstanding the dull result, the game did have its share of moments that enthralled fans.

One such moment that delighted the visiting Gers supporters involved their young defender Ross McCrorie embarrassing Hoops skipper Scott Brown during a run-in the Celtic half.

19-year old McCrorie recently penned a new four-and-a-half-year long deal with the Ibrox side along with his brother, Robby, within mere months of his senior squad breakthrough.

And with skills like these, Rangers fans surely have a lot to look forward to from the player. Check out his moment of brilliance below –

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  1. ffs Sevco have a decent game against An Under Performed Celtic and the DeLooDeid think Sevco are Really Really RainJurZzz.The Most Corrupt Club Ever in Scottish Football History…Oh wait Apologies..2nd Most corrupt Club After Rangers 1872.Who went into Liquidation and Died.Now there is This Absurdity that is Sevco 5088 Parading About Insisting They are Actually a Liquidated Dead Club…HH and long may the Deludeid Get It Right Up Them….God Bless Them.

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  2. Broony has been a great servant for Celtic for Years,Actually Broony has been at Celtic 10 Years,How Old are Sevco 5 Years!!!!!Just shows how idiotic these Sevconian Arsewipes Really Are,Celtic didnt really get going but rest assured the Next Time Celtic face Sevco 5088,I guarantee The Hun Alliance will be Silenced Yet Again.Are Sevco signing Murphy ???.Seems the Piggy Bank is Out of Coin,Skinto Sevco GoinForA£1…Meanwhile the Most Successful Club in Bonnie Scotland Goes from Strength to Strength.Gough Smith Naismith Rae all know Sevco arent RainJurz,RainJurz Are Liquidated Pie.

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  3. To Even Suggest Sevco are The Same Club and Liquidation Didnt Change Anything,Is Absolute BS…If Anyone With an ounce of Sense loks,You can find Cold Hard Facts which i may Add,Are Testament to the Delusional Persuasion Being Taken For Mugs Literally,As Per….Oh But Believe Me.They Dont Do Walking Away…lolololololololololol

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    1. James Yer Clubs Deid,This New Club started there history from Division 3.In there very first game in there History they faced the Mighty Brechin and yur team were called Sevco 5088.Not long after that game,Sevco 5088 changed its name to The Rangers.Anyone with minimal common sense can even lok this Truthful Fact up online.But One Thing Sevconians Dont deal in Or for that matter Like is Cold Hard Truths.i bet you were one of the Hurting who just stood and watched the Most Corrupt Football Club in Scottish Footballing History Die.We understand whole heartedly The Anguish and Misery this caused to each and Everyone of You.It was absolutely Blissful Witnessing All The Liars Cheats Tax Dodging and Liquidation Unfold back in 2012.Its ok,You lot can just ignore History and Liquidation And Live Pretendy Pretendy that Sevco are Really Really The Real RainJurZzz with History intact.lololololololol…The Whole Of Scotland find it Hilarious..God Bless Ye Son.

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