Less than a week since the winter transfer window kicked off and it seems Rangers have already started offloading, as midfielder Carlos Pena is all set to go on a 12-month loan deal to Mexican side Cruz Azul this week.

Pena was acquired by Rangers in June last year for £2.2 million by then manager Pedro Caixinha, who is now at the helm at Cruz Azul ever since he was sacked by Gers last October.

Pena’s short stint at Glasgow was not very effective, but despite the general perception being against him, it seems the player has taken to the life at Ibrox side as the Mexican was heard saying the famous Rangers slogan “No Surrender!” with a fan recently.

Watch the moment below –

  1. There’s some irony in getting a Mexican – one of the most Roman Catholic countries in the world – to come out with that phrase. Got feck all to do with football though.

    1. JockBhoy,These Zombies have been living in Denial since the 17th Century.Claiming they are a Deid Club etc.Pena is probably a Catholic,Surprised they even signed One…All the Best for 2018

  2. It’s No Surrender ya fud. You get everything to do with the fuckin paedos right!You’ve got the headline but change it to “never” surrender?

    1. fck up ya Banger!!!!Neely Dunn Gough Kincora Boys Home ring any bells Ya Zombified Sevconian Spunk Stain….Look at your own Club before ye open yer arse n talk utter shit,Ya sausage Muncher..No doubt yer Grandads yer Da and Yer sister is yer Mother.Ya FUD…God Bless Ye,Son.No your fault yer a Disgrace..Supporting the most corrupt Club in Scottish Football History,FACT!!!!Battle of the Groin n Swallow Swallow…Utter Embarrassment,GB..No Surrender????Heard that when Your Club Liquidated lolol.Dont Do Walking Away???Off Pena Trots back to Mexico…

    2. gb,Everything to do with Paedos????I think your on the wrong Site gb.This is about Football.Can you take your Fetishes Elsewhere Please along with your Tribute Act (Joke) of a Club….

  3. For the Love of God!!!Everytime anyone says Anything about the 2nd Most Corrupt Club In Scottish Football History,2nd Only to Rangers 1872 Who are Dead and Liquidated.These Horrible Sad Excuses for Supporters from Govania Resort to Paedophilia,Sick Sick PeepulZzz…Like HooPnSooP stated,Look Inward at Your Own Club before You Made an Arse of Yourself,Like Your Diddy Club Do Always..HH Mon the HooPs

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