Sky Sports – Just a bunch of amateur clowns. Not …

Comment on (Picture) Sky Sports’ agenda against Spurs comes to the fore again with this Pochettino snub by Druid.

Sky Sports – Just a bunch of amateur clowns. Not to worry.
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(Image) It seems a few Tottenham fans sneaked into the home end of the London Stadium on Saturday
Glad that West Ham fans found something to complain about. Were I one; it would probably have been the West Ham team.

(Image) Tottenham fans shares a photo of what looks like Hugo Lloris waiting outside Erik Lamela’s house for a lift
The idea that the team should “punish” Lloris in a cartful of bollox. That is the job of the courts. The team needs to see that Lloris is supported, gets the counselling that he needs.

(Image) Arsenal star taking the absolute piss out of Man Utd’s Alexis Sanchez after Spurs defeat
Alexis was as good at MU as he was at Arsenal: diving, flopping around like a seal on the turf. crawling on his belly like a reptile. Quite the entertainer. Fully 50% of his time spent prone. Can’t be far off his Arsenal performances.

(Photo) Give him the armband already – Granit Xhaka signs Arsenal kit with an anti-Tottenham message
Sounds Gooner to me. I think that the 8 is very appropriate. It’s the spot they’ll be aiming for. It’s such a shame that somebody thinks this is a news story.