Rangers looked back in song as they took all 3 points at Aberdeen midweek, with the win taking them above the Pittodrie side into second in the league.

Fans were delighted to see a new look side get the win against Derek McInnes who was widely tipped to take over from Graeme Murty last December.

The match also marked Sean Goss’ first game for the Gers and the midfielder took to Twitter to praise the club’s fans for their support.

The German born Englishman moved to Ibrox just recently but already looks settled at the club and was taken aback by the cracking atmosphere served up at the Ibrox stadium.

Check out the post-match tweet from the new signing below –

  1. The Derangers International Football Club,Have signed some of the Worlds finest footballers.Dave King has Splashed Millions Upon Millions on Loan Signings ;)…..Goss stating Rangers(Not)the liquidated Rangers,They are Dead but this New Club are going to put up an Almighty fight and Attempt to Shove the Green Juggernaut off of The Numero Uno Perch.Now correct me if im wrong all you DelooDeid Swine That Ye Are,If You sold Diego WindyBum you could use just a fraction of that money to bring in Ronaldo and Messi,And still have a good few Sevco MullyinZz in the jam jar.If truth be Told.There is More Chance of Rangers coming out of Liquidation and Equaling Celtics 9 In A Row,Fairly.But Sevco like Rangers Dont Operate on an Honest Footing.Sevco 5088 The Most Bigotted Corrupt Club in Scottish Football History.A peak in the Boardroom shows the Exact same Criminals at Sevco that were at Rangers(In Liquidation )This is All Fact and been Proven Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.Same Club????The Absurdity that is Sevco 5088.Ra Peepul Dont Do Walking Away,They Brass There Necks Daily.

    1. The very first game in Sevco History was against Brechin.They were called Sevco Then!!!!And changed there name to (The Rangers)At one point in time,There was actually two Clubs at The Crumble Dome.Rangers In Liquidation and Sevco Scotland 5088.We must Always stick to the truth(FACTS)As these Parasites just carry on as if Liquidation didnt even occur.Absurdity Right Enough.When a Sevconian is faced with facts He or She or whatever They claim to be,Resort to name calling and they have a perverse penchant for Child Abuse.

  2. Glasgow Celtic,The Envy of Each and Every Hun.There Club Died in 2012 Trying to Surpass the Celtic.Cheating its way to a 9 In A Row that Celtic Achieved Honestly.Now here they(Sevco)stand in the Shadow Again,Of the Mighty Glasgow Celtic.No matter What,Sevco have to stop Celtic doing 10 In A Row.The only club that will stop Celtic doing 10 In A Row is Celtic.Sevco are a Disgrace and an Utter Embarrassment to Scottish Football.There Delusions of Grandeur and Same Club mentality is nothing More Than Passing Wind.Long May The Hurt Continue.We Welcome The Chase from this Tribute Act to a Dead Club….God Bless Them.The Sheepul are soooo Easily Mislead…

  3. ffs a Pitch Invasion after beating a massive massive Club Ross Countylololololololololololol hahahahahahaha lolololololol..Yep These DelooDeid Rancid Cretinous Turds are anAbsolute Embarrassment

  4. FFS Cmon the Gers.Sell Windass and use some of the money to bring in Ronaldo Messi and Ozil.Use whats left to bring Rangers 1872 out of liquidation and pay all Oldco Known Debts.Then the Taigs cant keep saying Rangers are Dead.Because we will Well be Alive,Again.So Cmon tae fck.Just sell Windass and We Are Back.WATP!!!!!!!Simple As That,We Dont Do Walking Away.

    1. That right Daw Bear,You get them Told.All the money they can pull in selling there Multi Million Pound Super Stars.Bringing Real Rangers out of Liquidation with some of the Windass sale is a great Idea.Would Ronaldo Messi and Ozil come to the Bears though.Windass must be £350 Million Player,Nae Problem.And Morelos another Multi Million Star.We can leave Sellik well behind.Mon the Gers Get it Done

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