Didnt they perish in the big burnie Liquidation Fire. …

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Didnt they perish in the big burnie Liquidation Fire.

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(Video) Celtic fan having a complete meltdown over Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos on the radio
Many titles have Sevco won lolol(None)…But yet the HunZ claim GoinFor55…hahaha.The Gift that keeps Given..55p more like.RIP Rangers.

(Video) The reaction from Rangers fans at The Louden Tavern pub after the TVs switched to the Celtic game last night
So if Rangers are still Rangers.Whose the Club thats Still Liquidated.As its a known fact Rangers were put into Administration then Liquidation.Sevco do love a Great Myth

(Image) Picture of 3 Celtic fans watching Rangers beat Hamilton in a bar goes viral online
Sevco known the World Over.As that Club that Liquidated and Died and just carried on as if SFA happened.

(Image) Embarrassing for Rangers as forward Michael O’Halloran gets spotted watching the Cup final with Celtic fans
Sevco Scotland 5088 Supporters are needing to get a grip on Reality.The World of Football doesnt Evolve Around All at the Crumble Dome.So in a Sevconians Thinking,Kenny Miller plied his trade at the Biggest and Best Club in Scotland,The Old RainJurZz most fiercest Rivals Right Up Until The Club went into Liquidation and Died the most embarrassingly Humiliating Death.I,d say Miller pulling on the Legendary Famous Wonderful HooPs is worse than O Halloran watching his BhoyHood Heroes ffs,Sevco really really are in a desperate state of affairs the things they whine and moan about.Must be There Bad Week.Tampon Towers lolololololol…AnyHoo The Sevconian Alliance has thrown there last Dice with Stevie Blunder,There is just Nae Danger The Most Corrupt Club(Clubs)in World Football will get anywhere near the Bhoys Titles….We Do Winning,The Honest Way.This Is How It Feels To Be Celtic..10 Is A Certainty…HH and God Bless All The Rancid.There Bitterness is sooo Sweet to Hear.