(Image) Dejan Lovren with a message for Dele Alli on Instagram

Dejan Lovren probably reaching cult status with the Liverpool fans after this Instagram post uploaded a little while ago.

The Croat chose the moment both him & Andrew Robertson charged on Dele Alli for a nasty dive in the Liverpool box during the 2-2 draw on Sunday and added a cheeky message to accompany the photo.

The defender has slowly been getting into the good books with his performances off-late and his passion is certainly something the Kop faithfuls admire.

Just went up in every Liverpool fan’s estimation probably, check out the Instagram post from Dejan Lovren below –

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  1. Surprised that Lovren was still on the pitch at the time.. ..I thought he usually gets taken off after 30 minutes against Spurs. But his through-ball to Kane for the first penalty, playing him onside at the same time, was worth seeing.

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