(Footage) Man Utd fans destroyed Chelsea with a brutal chant outside OT before kick-off

The rivalry between Manchester United and Chelsea still remains as strong as evident from this bit of chanting from the Red Devils fans outside Old Trafford before the game yesterday.

United leapfrogged Liverpool and went back to the 2nd spot in the table after a 2-1 win against Antonio Conte’s men. Jesse Lingard changed the game after coming on as a substitute in the second half and scored the eventual match-winner.

As expected for a big game, the fans were in a fine form as well and directed a brutal chant taking shots at Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich before kick-off.

Check out the scenes below –

Via Reddit

What is being sung in the video above –

Hollow, hollow, hollow,
Chelsea’s success is fucking hollow,
All that money you took,
From that big russian crook,
And you’ll never win´╗┐ three in a row…

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