Dele among others had a good game against Juventus at …

Comment on (Image) Dele Alli with the kind of reaction every Tottenham fan wanted to hear after CL exit by PeeLee.

Dele among others had a good game against Juventus at Wembley. He has the right attitude to the result too, that he and his teammates are disappointed but now will get on with things so as to be in the European Champions League again next season. In the meantime there’s a chance for Spurs to make progress in the FA Cup.

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(Image) The Wembley pitch in dire condition before Tottenham’s clash v Barcelona
Paper roses! As neglectful of Wembley Stadium as the FA? I doubt it.

(Video) Journo gets taken down by the press officer after repeatedly asking Pochettino about Madrid job
“Can you just answer this on behalf of all Tottenham fans… What presumptuous question-wording, what cheek! Who elected or appointed this off-camera character as the representative of any Spurs fans never mind of all of us? But it’s so typical a mindset of some in the football media — not news-reporting, nothing concrete, but mainly speculation, kite-flying and touting the hypothetical.

(Picture) Sky Sports’ agenda against Spurs comes to the fore again with this Pochettino snub
This weekend’s match involving Tottenham Hotspur v Everton is to be broadcast on one of the channels on BT Sport, which might explain why Sky does not want to remind TV viewers of that.

Pic: Tottenham fan delivers fantastic news after meeting Erik Lamela in Barcelona
Lovely picture! Get well soon, Erik.