Rangers Football Club announced on Friday that the new technical kit supplier for next season will be Hummel, who have been appointed on an initial three year agreement.

The deal is believed to be worth around £10 million in total and represents a new direction for the Glasgow club who have had Puma, Umbro, Diadora and Nike as kit manufacturers in the past.

Following the announcement, many concepts kit has been spotted on the internet which has got Gers fans pretty excited.

An orange colored top has especially caught the eye of many supporters on Twitter, who seemed to have been impressed by the vibrant and fresh look of the top.

A welcome change for Gers fans? Check out the top below:

Via Twitter

  1. Sevco on an orange top?!I wonder why ha ha utter pathetic sectarian bigoted filth Who like old computer will soon be GONE!!

  2. A dirty minging jersey for a Dirty Minging Corrupt Club.The Humiliating Embarrassment that is Sevco 5088 Claiming the History of a Liquidated (Dead) Club since 2012.They Dont Do Walking Away.lolololol.A Sevconian Would literally Brassneck Any Scenario.Glasgow Is And Always Will Be Green and White.The Only come back you get from a Govanian Sevconite is Talking about Child Abuse etc.Mon the Hibs Mon the Aberdeen finish the season ahead of this Disgusting So called Club.Bout time this Rancid Club faced reality and Ended the Myth that is Same Club.Mon The HooPs Here We Go 10 In A Row.Wont be much longer till Liquidation 2 Comes Calling.GoinFor55??????!.The Only Club Ever in the History of World Football that is All of 6 years old,Yet Claim they are Going For 55 Titles.Please Never Let Up.We Absolutely Enjoy The Hilarity and Joy Your Circus brings to the Scottish Premier.;)Roll On Next Week.Mon Celtic Steam Roll this Putrid Pish Stain into Oblivion.

  3. OMG Is this the New Club or the Old Club lololol Ye dont need to be a rocket scientist to know,Oldco RainJurZzz Died in 2012.Every single Diehard Supporter stood idly by and watched the other Club Die.Charles (Greene)bought some Oldco Assets and begun as Sevco 5088.That was the Clubs name when they faced the might of Brechin.At one point there was actually Two Clubs at Ibroke.Anyone who states facts or truths regarding this Comedy Tribute Act gets labelled a RainJurZz hater or a Celtic fan.lolololol.Atleast my Wonderful Club has an Unbroken History and has Never Ever had to Blatantly Cheat to be better than any other Scottish Club.Sevco will never ver challenge Celtic.They have no money and no players with heart and passion who will break there backs for the Hun Cause.Long May That Ghastly Club,Suffer..HH

  4. How come the Sevco Sheepul are sooo easily Mislead.I mean its better to make out They are the same Club,To painful to admit otherwise.They had a chance of a clean slate,Fresh Start back in 2012.But nope not Sevconians,They prefer to pretend Liquidation didnt happen or it was the company not the Club lololololol….All the Nonsense over Govania Way is utterly Hilarious and my sides are getting really sore with all the Laughing.Please keep this Act afloat,Keep the Giggles coming.Oh and Andy Halliday lololol Real Sevco Man….HereWeGo10InARow

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