Rangers were unable to see off Aberdeen yesterday despite caretaker boss Jimmy Nichol calling the match a must win for the Gers as they look to cement a second place finish behind champions Celtic.

The Ibrox club created a buzz around Scotland last week as they unveiled Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard at the Ibrox stadium, with the former England midfielder set to take over the helm at the end of this season.

The excitement surrounding Stevie G’s arrival was clearly visible among the travelling Gers fans who were also joined by midfielder Ryan Jack in the away end during the 1-1 draw.

Supporters looked delighted to catch a glimpse of the 25-year-old who has been out of action since December due to a knee injury and were quick to post pictures acknowledging the crocked star on Twitter.

A particular selfie has been well received by Gers fans on Twitter who were impressed with Jack’s passion to travel with the fans despite him being out for so long – catch a glimpse of the midfielder here:

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