(Video) Everyone might be against them but these Atletico fans are surely rooting for a Liverpool win in the CL final

With the whole world seemingly writing off Liverpool in the upcoming Champions League final, the Merseysiders seem to have found some support from Real’s rivals and Europa League winners Atletico Madrid.

Reports coming out of Spain make it look like the current holders have already retained Europe’s crown with the club’s honorary president Paco Gento also recently telling journalists that he feels the upcoming final with the Reds will be a “piece of cake” for his club.

While their achievements in Europe are unrivalled, Real Madrid should not get complacent about their chances against this exciting Liverpool side who have blown away Porto, Manchester City and Roma on route to Kiev and should definitely not be underestimated.

The support shown by Atletico supporters should be welcome by the Reds fans who will be pleased to have finally found some love from Spaniards after seemingly having been written off by the rest of the country.

The Reds making new friends in Spain – check out the Atletico supporters chanting Liverpool after their Europa League win below:

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