(Photo) Famous pornographic actress Lisa Ann dons Tottenham’s Nike home kit during her latest livestream

Famous porn star Lisa Ann has caused quite a stir among Tottenham supporters after the famous actress was seen donning a Spurs home kit during one of her Facebook livestream session recently.

The 46-year-old actress was opening her birthday presents and looked pretty happy on being presented with a brand new Spurs jersey with PL patches and “Number 9” Lisa printed on the back.

The custom shirt was probably a gift from one of her fans who seems to support Tottenham and eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the American’s link to the North Londoners as soon as the video went online.

Screenshots of the video in which the porn star can be seen donning the white jersey has since been shared around on social media and has received mixed responses from supporters so far.

Check out the photo below:

Lisa Ann is a Yiddo from r/coys

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