(Photo) Snap with Christian Eriksen shows what a lovely bond Mauricio Pochettino shares with the Tottenham players

It has been well documented that some top managers do not see eye to eye with their players off the pitch with the demanding nature of professional football and the constant pressure to succeed in the top flight often causing several high profile manager-player fallout‘s in the past.

But Mauricio Pochettino has shown fans time and time again that he is a coach from a different mould with the Argentine often treating his players to lavish dinners after matches.

Staying true to his reputation for sharing close bonds with his players, Pochettino was once again seen with one of his players as cameras managed to spot the former Saints manager with Christian Eriksen in the midfielder’s native Denmark.

Photos of the pair dining in Copenhagen have been shared around social media by Spurs fans who were quick to sing praises of their manager for spending time with his players even during the summer break.

Check out the said photo below-

Via Twitter

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