(Image) Arsenal star Hector Bellerin gets his revenge on Talksport’s Alan Brazil in a brutal manner

Revenge is best served cold!

Retired Scottish International Alan Brazil had blasted Hector Bellerin for being vegan and felt that he needed some steaks to get back to his best during a morning talk show in the aftermath of Arsenal’s defeat in the Europa league.

And it seems the Spanish full-back hasn’t quite forgotten the Scot’s unkind words as he brutally trolled the football Pundit on Twitter.

The 24-year-old couldn’t help himself as Talksport’s Twitter handle commended him for looking sharp in a recent photo and went all out for the pundit.

His epic reply directly to Alan’s employers has delighted Gooners who have shared screenshots of the incident all over Twitter.

Bellerin handing out the burns – Check out the brutal reply below:

Via Twitter

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