(Video) Frightening pace during a World Cup game shows what a monster Man Utd’s Romelu Lukaku is

Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku first made his name in the Premier League as an 18 year old at Chelsea.

While he rarely got chances in his first year at Chelsea, it was his season long loan the following year that really allowed him to shine. The Belgian striker went on to score an impressive 17 goals for the Baggies. And that season really kicked on Lukaku’s career, which has taken quite an impressive trajectory.

Now, at 25, the Belgian striker is regarded as one of the best in the land. United fans, who were initially doubtful of the choice of Lukaku over Morata, have quickly grown fond of the striker. A remarkable 27 goal debut season may have helped with that!

And now, Lukaku is tearing it up in the World Cup as well. The Belgian is a constant threat to defenders, not just because of his strength, but also because of his extraordinary pace over a long distance. Just watch how he gives the Tunisian defense and goalkeeper a real scare here-

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