(Video) Steven Gerrard laying down the law in Rangers training

Ever since their disastrous drop to the third division of Scottish football, the Rangers fans have endured through some dark, dark times. But now, they are back in the top tier, and are hoping to rekindle their age-old rivalry with their arch enemies, Celtic.

The Gers will now be hoping to really push on in the league. In that regard, the Rangers fans have much to be excited about.

The recent announcement of an iconic figure like Steven Gerrard as the new manager has got people buzzing. And it isn’t just about the name, it’s also about the philosophy the man brings.

Steven Gerrard is well known, some times infamously so, for his ‘no nonsense’ approach to football. Now, as a manager, Stevie G is looking to apply the same approach as evident from this little clip from a recent Rangers training session.

“We go to win the ball – all over the pitch. Okay? Get it in your heads, now!” Stevie G laying down the law at Rangers –

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  1. Glasgows Green n White..HfH.Keeping Celtic fans out of the Crumble Dome because we create a Party Atmosphere,And skelp Sevco is Childish.But then it is Sevco 5088.That other Club Died a Humiliating Death.Will Sevco be here at seasons End…

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