The bitter rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is more than a century old. Over the years, fans on both sides have never missed an opportunity to taunt each other with insulting songs and clever catchphrases.

Recent competition on the pitch has been one-sided to say the least, with the Hoops winning the Championship in each of the past 7 seasons, leaving the resentful Gers to play catch-up.

And with the new season approaching, the banter has already begun. One Bhoy was spotted wearing his team’s green and white jersey but with a twist. On the back of the shirt was printed an old anti-Rangers catchphrase. And it’s so bad it’s actually good, with fans on Twitter absolutely loving it.

Check it out and see if it makes you guffaw:

      1. CFC Had to send out a letter to all fans asking them to attend football games ‘CLEAN’.
        just How BAD IS THAT, Oh My Goodness !
        As for how folks look, lol, have you ever looked at the non-washed and smelling according to Mr Lawwell and others.
        Talking about bad-looks, hahahahahaha, priceless.

  1. No because you look for them on your back. Rangers fans are out there loving there team and certainly not opposing others xx

  2. Only a daft tim would come up with this , these low life think anything’s funny including thevibrox disaster ,Scotland shame and Ireland’s rejects .

    1. From the people whose entire song book is about murdering people because of their religion and dancing in their blood, or rejoicing in child abuse.
      Celtic don’t sing about the ibrokes disaster….well, only the one in 2012.

  3. It really should read:
    “Big Jock Knew”
    In order to put pressure on his team and the SFA to make Savco FC accountable for the victims of child abuse caused by their complicity in Torbett’s crimes.
    Pay the victims compensation and strip titles for the 20 years they caused so many boys to be sexually abused by a fiend.

    “Celtic, why didn’t you call the cops?”

    1. Kincora Boys Home,Then Again a few paedophiles at Ibrox.Neely and Dunn to name but a few.Big Jock Knew exactly how to keep the most Corrupt Club in Football History in its Rancid Place.Using child abuse as a way of one upmanship just shows how Vile and Disgusting Sevco fans are,Your clubs a Joke.An utter embarrassment to every other Club that represents Scotland on the European Stage.!..obsessing over Celtic killed your other Club.But dont let facts get in the way of a Good Myth that is Sevco 5088.HWG10IAR!!!!HFH TiocFaidh ArLa…….Yer Clubs Deid,Jog On

      1. chuckie blah blah.your ‘army’ lost.

        I live in Northern Ireland,UK.

        your ‘army’ lost the war.

        try looking up stories on the web about the rangers and sevco and compare.

        some people believe any myths.

        brown is a genius.

  4. These Mythical Creatures that are Real Sevcolona,Are not Old Firm.Rangers in Liquidation ARE STILL in Liquidation.The Media Never stick to the facts were the Rancid are Concerned.Real Sevcolona are All of 6 Yrs Old.Thats nothing to do with Banter.Thats REALITY!!!!!

  5. These Mythical Creatures that are Real Sevcolona,Are not Old Firm.Rangers in Liquidation ARE STILL in Liquidation.The Media Never stick to the facts were the Rancid are Concerned.Real Sevcolona are All of 6 Yrs Old.Thats nothing to do with Banter.Thats REALITY!!!!!Sevco pretendindy pretendy RainJurZz.The Walking Dead.

  6. Rangers adopted an identity simply to rival Celtics, included reference to Celtic in their official club song, and finally in chasing what Celtic had achieved they let their club die. The new club Rangers International will go belly up too while Celtic will go from strength to strength , hopefully one day playing in a bigger set up

    1. Exactly Archie.True and To the Point..HH.All ye get from a Sevconian is BJK and child abuse along with there Vile songbook.The most corrupt club in World Football.Rangers in liquidation and Sevco 5088.140Yrs of Secterian Bile was wiped away along with its history in all of 8 minutes.

  7. What rivalry ?
    Rangers was liquidated and ceased to have a license to play football in 2012.

    With the formation of Sevco The Rangers who received a new license to play football, skipping the queue, we have not stopped laughing. Only last week they played a Europa league tie in a TRAINING top. Fc Sevco Skinto. A new world record for Sevco The Rangers.

    Celtic’s rivals in last 2 seasons were Abderdeen and Motherwell. Fact.

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