(Image) Rangers fans prime suspect as Glasgow billboard featuring Celtic ace Kieran Tierney gets vandalised

Over-enthusiastic football fans and the lengths to which they will go to take the piss out of their rivals has no bounds and this has been proven yet again in this rather comical case of vandalism that occurred in Glasgow.

A billboard featuring Celtic star Kieran Tierney in the new advertising campaign for BT Sport was vandalized and his green & white hoops were painted over with blue paint – which is of course the colour associated with their rival team, Rangers F.C.

Hence it goes without saying that Rangers fans are the prime suspects behind this petty case of vandalism, pictures of which are doing the rounds on Twitter.

The two teams have a long history of football rivalry and it was only last week that Celtic fans had planned to unfurl an anti-Rangers banner while the Gers were playing their first leg match against Osijek in Europa League in Croatia.

Nonetheless, it is kind of amazing to see the effort someone has gone behind to do something so silly. Check out the picture of the vandalized billboard down below –

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