(Photo) Could this be a new Everton player Marcel Brands was spotted having dinner with?

With the ongoing summer transfer window headed towards closure, clubs are putting in their last-ditch efforts to bag some signings in order to fill the gaps that they might have in their squads.

So when a picture of Marcel Brands landed on the internet of him having dinner with an unidentified person at an Italian restaurant in Manchester, fans couldn’t help but speculate whether it was a new signing for the club.

Hyped fans online suggested a few names as to who they thought the unidentified man was, with names like Danny Drinkwater and Bernard Duarte popping up while the more realistic fans speculated it just might be a friend or a family member.

So far, no credible reports have emerged regarding this ‘meeting’ and we will have to wait it out to see this if it indeed turns out to be a new player for the Toffees or not.

Check out the picture of Brands having dinner with the unidentified person below –

3 Replies to “(Photo) Could this be a new Everton player Marcel Brands was spotted having dinner with?”

  1. If it is not a player then why are everton paying him, brands should be busting a gut 2 get players in.

    Brands made the biggest mistake in saying there squad is 2 big, you get the players in then sell not sell and the get players in.

    I’m looking at everton in the transfer window and ask the question why was he brought in, it’s so obvious the problems at everton, he should of tied up 2 quality centre backs and a quality defensive midfielder at the start of the window, not leave it till the last week of the transfer window.

    If that person is a family member or friend of brands then I’m a worried because you are looking at someone that is not bursting a gut 2 get players in, i question his abilities in brokering deals and getting them over the line.

    Brands you have got five days to sort out evertons problems and get quality defenders, a quality defensive midfielder and another quality forward, if you don’t are season is over before a ball is kicked

    Many Thanks

    Neil Anderson

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