(Video) Things got ugly after a Celtic fan taunted Rangers legend Nacho Novo at Belfast airport

It’s pretty safe to say Celtic and Rangers fans rarely see eye to eye on anything ranging from football to religion with their bitter rivalry well documented in the history books.

But sometimes fans get a wee bit too excited and try to take matters into their own hands which have resulted in some ugly incidents over the years.

A Celtic fan is the latest addition to that list as he quite needlessly tried to provoke Rangers legend Nacho Novo by singing a horrific chant at the Spaniard as he was making his way out of Belfast International Airport on Saturday evening.

While Nacho was able to laugh off the early exchanges with the Celtic fan, the former Rangers man ended up squaring up with the fan as things went a little too far.

Check out the video below –

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  1. A Sevconian tried some character assassination on Leigh Griffiths at the airporBy slanderously labelling him a Paedophile.And Leigh Truthfully and Factually retaliated by Stating Truthfully that said Sevconians Club is infact Dead.Was there Anything really made of Leigh being slandered by this Rancid Thing,Naw!!!Nacho gets serenaded by a Tim and its like a NewsFlash……As much as i hated Novo as a player,What happened was uncalled for..Just wondering,Im sure Rangers Are Still Dead???A Tim says Anything about Sevco,We are labelled Obsessed,Irony is lost on these 17th Century Goat Hearders

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